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What if life skills weren’t electives?

I walked around my brick foundation today, poking my fingers through the gaps in the mortar. My heart weighed heavy in my chest, my stomach twisting and threatening to squeeze the tamales I had for lunch back up my throat. … Continue reading

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5 great TED Talks about children’s literature

I got hooked on TED Talks over the weekend. Despite the fact I kept telling myself, “Just one more, and then I’m going to stop watching these,” I kept watching. (No regrets.) Below are five talks about children’s literature worth … Continue reading

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A to Z: Childhood literacy – can your child read this headline?

Throughout April, I’m tackling 26 A to Z topics related to children’s literature. In honor of the letter L, literacy is the subject of the day. Below, you’ll find excerpts of an article about childhood literacy I wrote in April … Continue reading

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Illinois teachers, here’s an essay contest for your students

As a change of pace, instead of asking elementary school students to read, I’m asking them to write. I’m excited to announce the inaugural Sarah & Katy essay contests. Two contests are open to third- and fourth-grade students in Illinois: … Continue reading

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Texas fourth-grader suspended for having an imagination and book

Kermit Elementary School fourth-grader Aiden Steward was suspended recently after he brought a ring to school and pretended it was the “one ring to rule them all” from J.R.R. Tolkien’s legendary Middle Earth. I wish this news was as fictional … Continue reading

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