Schedule an Author Visit

Julie Stroebel Barichello is available to visit all grade levels with a range of presentations about writing, publishing, imagination, and creativity.

Presentations last about 45 minutes and include time for question-and-answer sessions with students. Presentations can be a standard author talk about the topics named above or be a predetermined topic discussed between the author and teacher.

Standard rates are $250 for three or fewer presentations in one day. Four or more presentations are $500 per day. Virtual visits through Skype are $100. (Rates are negotiable.)

DEAL FOR ILLINOIS CLASSROOMS. Julie Stroebel Barichello hails from central Illinois, where school funding is in crisis. To ease the burden of classroom spending, a special deal is in place for Illinois schools. The fee will be waived for classrooms that can commit to purchasing 20 or more books. Multiple classrooms can combine for a visit to meet the 20-book minimum.

Students are encouraged place orders for books prior to the classroom visit. Book orders should be submitted by the teacher one month before the visit, and books will be delivered the day of the visit. Teachers are welcome to send a list of students’ names who ordered books for the author to personalize signings. Special discounts are given to classroom orders: books costs $5 per copy instead of the $8.99 list price.

Arrange a Classroom Visit

Fill out the form below to request a date to visit. Please schedule visits at least five weeks ahead of schedule to ensure book orders can be completed and confirm your requested date is available.