SKIB coverWhen Aunt Julie and Uncle Derek give Sarah and Katy blankets for Christmas, the sisters think they have received the worst gift ever.

That is, until they realize these aren’t your average blankets. They are imagination blankets, able to transform the sisters into anyone and transport them anywhere their imaginations can take them.

Join Sarah and Katy for four adventures across the world and through imaginary lands, where they encounter desert thieves, haunted islands, hot air balloon races, flying pirate ships, and more.

Be careful with an overactive imagination, though. Sometimes, it can lead to trouble.

Download the first three chapters FREE here.

SKBB CoverOne dull winter afternoon, sisters Sarah and Katy can’t think of anything to do. When Sarah pulls a book from the shelf to pass the time, she discovers all of the pages are blank, except for one bearing a mysterious warning: “If you turn the page, there’s no turning back.”

The sisters ignore the warning and find themselves transported into the book. To escape, they must journey to the end of the story by filling each empty page with their imagination. Joined by an eccentric Narrator and three friends, Sarah and Katy discover the blank page can become a place full of fantastic ideas, creativity, and adventure.

But they also soon realize: Once an idea comes to life on paper, it can take on a mind of its own.