A writer’s goals for 2017


Let’s take a moment to call New Year’s resolutions what they really are: goals.

Even though goal-setting is applicable in any season, the new year is as good a time as any to look ahead, make plans, and set goals.

Here are my 2017 goals as a writer. If I remember once December rolls around (I make no promises, and if I were you I wouldn’t place any bets …), I’ll come back to this list and see how well I’ve fulfilled my plans.

  1. Have more of an online presence on my blog, Facebook, and Twitter pages.
  2. Dabble in other forms of social media … maybe it’s finally time to check out Instagram and tumblr.
  3. Write more stories in between chapters of longer projects.
  4. Finish writing “The Mountain of Dempsey Molehill.”
  5. Take more solitary walks. (These are great brainstorm sessions … the blood starts flowing, and so do ideas.)
  6. Read more books with diverse casts.
  7. Write more with diverse casts.
  8. Focus on regularly networking with other children’s authors.
  9. Attend a writing conference.
  10. Get organized with a monthly plan for blog posts and website content.
  11. Spend more time engaging with young readers and getting to know them.
  12. Also spend more time at the keyboard writing.
  13. Don’t let writing time come at the expense of ignoring family time … and vice versa.
  14. Get out of the house. (I’m something of a hermit by nature, but there are loads of story ideas out and about in the community.)
  15. Travel more. (Again … loads of stories beyond home.)
  16. Just write. Write badly. And brilliantly. Write when inspired and when I absolutely do not feel like it. Write when I have time, and make time when I don’t have it.

And one last general goal: Buy new bookshelves, because the old one finally collapsed.


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11 Responses to A writer’s goals for 2017

  1. Kris P. says:

    Those all sound like fantastic goals! Here’s hoping you have a wonderful 2017! (And I absolutely love the picture of your bookshelf — mine looks a bit like Tetris as well, but it hasn’t collapsed yet!)

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  2. Good luck with your goals! I struggled with some horrible writers block in 2016 so I love #16. I also need some new book shelves too. The shelves on mine are beginning to look a lot like the bottom of a ship. They’re smiling at me!

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  3. Good luck with your goals! I myself had some issues with writers block real bad in 2016, so #16 is especially appropriate for me. I also could use some new shelves too. Mine are beginning to smile at me they’re buckling under the weight so!


  4. schmelzb says:

    My first complete read of the year 2017 is one I highly recommend: Mary Amato’s “Guitar Notes” is an authentic YA with no sex or violence, just finely tuned relationships! You’ll want to recommend this Maryland author of middle grade and YA lit!

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  5. trinitygrau says:

    I have lots of goals. Finishing two trilogies, a series, making fan films, etc. 😀 I’ve got a lot of my work cut out for me!

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