An update from La Casa Barichello

I’m alive!

I have to send that text to Mom every so often when she hasn’t heard from me in a few days, just so she doesn’t worry at my absence and silence. I figured it was time to give a shout to the internet to say the same.

For many writers, we have two jobs: our writing, and the job that pays the bills. Unfortunately, writing has taken a back seat these past two months during a transition period at the job that pays the bills.

Luckily for me, though, my job that pays the bills is as much a passion for me as writing. My days are spent in a community newsroom editing articles and designing news pages.

Speaking of writer’s jobs, now seems like a good time to share this Writer’s Digest article with my fellow writers: 5 Things for Writers to Look for in a Day Job.

Author Zen Cho asks writers these five questions about their work:

  1. Will it give you a stable source of income?
  2. Is it flexible enough that you’ll have space to write?
  3. Are your working hours predictable?
  4. Are you moving around?
  5. Is your job socially and intellectually stimulating?

I’m fortunate that the majority of the time, my answer to all five is a firm yes. (Well, No. 4 is a little bit of a stretch to say yes … most of my movement involves walking to the printer or wandering over the sports department to hang out with the reporters.) These past couple of months have been a little hairy on predictable working hours due to lots of overtime, but that will pass soon.

The bright side is, I’m eager to dive back into writing “The Mountain of Dempsey Molehill.” I’ve been delayed somewhat on my writing schedule, but the time away from daily writing sessions has given me time to zoom out and think about the direction of the book. Full of ideas and inspiration, I’m ready to dive back into the project after our newsroom transition ends in early December.


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