Need an excuse to visit an indie bookstore? Here’s one

Honestly, as if anyone needs an excuse to visit a bookstore of any kind.

But in case you do, next Saturday (May 2) is Independent Bookstore Day.

Independent bookstores across the United States will be throwing parties and celebrations next Saturday in effort to attract customers, boost sales, and quite simply celebrate indie bookselling. At participating indie bookstores, there will be authors, food, and special offers.

The initiative was inspired by last year’s California Bookstore Day. Last year, the American Booksellers Associated reported “swarms of avid readers and book lovers to more than 90 independent bookstores across the state of California for the first ever California Bookstore Day. Booksellers reported high sales and widespread enthusiasm as they welcomed customers in for special events and literary-themed merchandise throughout the day.”

The success inspired nine regional bookseller associations to collaborate for a nationwide event.

In other words: If you hit up your favorite locally owned and operated bookstore on May 2, not only will you be celebrating National Independent Bookstore Day, you’ll be celebrating the first National Indie Bookstore Day.

Plenty of book shops appear to be on board and geared up for this year’s event. A quick Google search of the observance produces dozens of headlines:

  • East Bay ready to celebrate with Independent Bookstore Day
  • Titcomb’s to celebrate Independent Bookstore Day
  • Edmonds Bookshop participates in first Independent Bookstore Day
  • Curious Iguana in downtown Frederick to celebrate Independent Bookstore Day
  • Malaprop’s announces events for Independent Bookstore Day

(That’s enough for you to get the point … the headlines go on and on like that, from newspapers all over the country. Newpapers that, incidentally, seem to have very uncreative copy editors writing the headlines…)

For you readers who live in north-central Illinois, the Book Mouse in downtown Ottawa is celebrating as well. I will be at the store from noon to 2 p.m. to sign copies of SARAH & KATY AND THE IMAGINATION BLANKETS. Several other local authors (including local children’s/YA author Julia Durango) will be present to meet and sign books.

So mark your calendars and hoard your paychecks … there’s a bookstore party to attend!

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4 Responses to Need an excuse to visit an indie bookstore? Here’s one

  1. trinitygrau says:

    Wow! Sounds amazing!


  2. trinitygrau says:

    You’re making me more envious of all the fun you have!


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