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REVIEW: A Literary Tea Party cookbook

I was walking through the newsroom where I work two weeks ago when a reporter waved me to his desk. “I know you like literary things,” he said. “Have you heard about this new cookbook that’s coming out?” He gestured … Continue reading

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A day at the American Writers Museum

Writers and readers alike, rejoice! Chicago is home to a new museum tailored just for us. The husband and I spent Thursday afternoon absorbing the halls and galleries of the American Writers Museum, 180 N. Michigan Ave. An elevator ride … Continue reading

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Home is where the literary link is

A few weeks ago, I had a visit from Susan. Susan grew up in the house my husband and I bought in April. She was visiting Illinois (she now lives in California) and asked if she could drop in to … Continue reading

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Representation matters. Here’s why you should care.

I didn’t think much about diversity in childhood. I grew up in a rural Midwestern elementary school district primarily comprised of white middle class students. A portion of the student body was Hispanic and Latino. Throughout my entire grade school … Continue reading

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BRB; I have to finish sniffling over this Harry Potter thread

I came across this exchange this afternoon while wasting time online (be warned that the image below contains a curse word): My first reaction to this thread was to tear up a little. Like most Harry Potter fans, Rubeus Hagrid … Continue reading

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Reading books to inspire writing books

With the start of a new year comes the start of work on “The Mountain of Dempsey Molehill,” my in-progress middle grade novel. To get in the proper frame of mind, I’ve kicked off my year with reading “How Angel … Continue reading

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Kid lit isn’t just for kids

The name of the genre might be deceiving, but the truth is, kid lit isn’t just for kids. There are those who disagree (Ruth Graham outraged half the Internet in 2014 when she said adults should be embarrassed to read … Continue reading

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