Sarah & Katy and the Imagination Blankets


Barichello’s debut book challenges children to unplug imagination

Streator, Illinois – November 17, 2014 — In an age of electronic and battery-operated toys, debut children’s author Julie Stroebel Barichello takes her characters back to the basics.

When sisters Sarah and Katy open their Christmas presents to find blankets, they think they received the worst gift ever. That is, until they realize these aren’t your average blankets.

They are imagination blankets, capable of transporting them anywhere and transforming them into anyone. The only limit is their own imagination.

The story follows Sarah and Katy through four adventures powered solely by imagination. The sisters use an everyday object like a blanket to embark on extraordinary excursions. With a little mental magic, the blankets can become a magic carpet, the sails of a pirate ship, and more.

“A blanket may not seem like much fun at first glance, but it is one of the most versatile toys any child could have,” Barichello said. “It can be a picnic blanket, the canvas of a Conestoga wagon, a tent, a magic carpet, a superhero cape. It may not be as flashy as a tablet or other electronic gadget, but it’s a great teacher of creativity.”

The characters of Sarah and Katy were inspired by Barichello’s nieces of the same name.

“It felt very ‘Alice in Wonderland’-like to tell this story and write the book for Sarah and Katy,” Barichello said.

The book is written for the 7- to 10-year-old age group (second through fourth grade reading levels). For more information, visit Barichello’s website, The book is available for purchase on


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