New year, same old story

2018 is already more than a week old.

Meanwhile, I’m blinking and flabbergasted, wondering, “Where is the time going?”

A year ago, I set a goal to finish writing “The Mountain of Dempsey Molehill” within the 365-day time frame of 2017. A year later, I’m looking at a new calendar but still working on the same ol’ novel. All the while, ideas for new projects are clattering around in my head. It’s getting crowded in there with story ideas.

Today marks the first time I’ve settled in at the keyboard since the holidays concluded. I’m breathing a small sigh of relief now that the Christmas tree is hauled back down to the basement for another year and the nutcrackers and Santa Clauses are tucked away in their respective boxes at the back of a closet. (Although the tree skirt is still in a jumble on the living room floor. At some point I’ll pick it up, fold it, and store it away.) The leftovers are eaten, the fridge is empty (darn it … I should probably grocery shop today), and life is returning to normal.

Phew. Now to get back on track with a regular writing schedule.

I won’t jinx myself this year by saying I plan to finish Mt. Dempsey, but I have a good feeling about 2018 where Dempsey is concerned.

Even though finishing the Molehills’ tale is No. 1 on my writing priority list, a few other projects are in my goals for the year. There’s another middle grade novel competing for my attention, plus a poetry project I hope to tackle in April for the A to Z Challenge. And it wouldn’t hurt to do a better job at keeping up with my blog this year.

So. 2018. Let’s do this.

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9 Responses to New year, same old story

  1. trinitygrau says:

    I totally know how you feel. Thankfully, I managed to get two projects done that I’ve been working on the past couple years. Now I’ve just got to finish my BIG passion project: a trilogy series that I’ve been working on since 2013. Yeah…it might take more than this year to accomplish it.

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  2. ~Yvette says:

    So many of us are right there with you; it’s always a thing, I think. However, it’s as if a lightbulb switched in my brain. To know that it’s “normal” takes quite a bit of pressure off. How encouraging, thanks Julie!

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  3. speak766 says:

    You got this! Best of luck to you!


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