Thoughts on the power of children’s literature

Children’s writers have a beautiful responsibility.

After all, children’s literature is the first reading material most people encounter in their lifetimes. Books written by children’s authors are the doorway to a lifetime of reading.

I’ve mentioned in the past that the majority of five-star books in my Goodreads list are children’s books. Early reading has a strong impact on creating a lifetime reading habit.

What an honor to be one of the first authors on the road to literacy and reading.

I recently learned a classroom in my city is reading “Sarah & Katy and the Imagination Blankets” together. For that reason, I have a responsibility — particularly as an independent author — to write exciting, interesting, and educational material that is free of errors. (Although not didactic in its education.) I owe it to young readers to have well-edited material. If there’s the slightest chance that one of my books will be among those that shape a child’s reading life, I owe them the best book I can offer.

Those five-star books in my Goodreads list — those favorites from my childhood — laid the foundation for joy in reading. They encouraged me to continue exploring shelves to seek out more new favorites. They opened worlds beyond my bedroom, introducing me to multitudes of people, places, situations, emotions, and ideas.

That’s the power of children’s literature. I’m grateful to be a part of it, both as a reader and a writer.

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