Another book down … now to move on to the next

Today is the full release for “Sarah & Katy and the Book of Blank.”

Huzzah for that!

But there isn’t much time to celebrate. I’ve got work to do.

For the past couple weeks, I’ve been outlining my next book, “The Mountain of Dempsey Molehill.” With this book, I’ll be moving away from the elementary school chapter books and moving into middle grade novels geared toward junior high students.

The Sarah & Katy books were written in the spirit of “The Last of the Really Great Whangdoodles,” but Dempsey Molehill is more akin to Richard Peck’s “A Long Way from Chicago.”

The book follows a year in the life of the Molehill family. They’ve never quite fit in with the other residents of Pickettstown. Their hearts are in the right place, even if their actions make them the community oddballs.

I’ve been itching to write this book for a while. There is a lot of havoc to be caused by the five Molehill children. My goal is to unleash them on the world in summer 2017.

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