The Elsa stage of writing when we ‘let it go’

The final version of “Book of Blank” was uploaded to press last Saturday.

For weeks leading up to that day, I had a constant internal chant of, “Come on, let’s go. Come on, let’s go. Get it done. Get it done.” I couldn’t wait to send it off for printing.

But after I finished the final read-through and skimmed the layouts onscreen one last time, reluctance bloomed in my chest. I didn’t want to click the Attach File button in CreateSpace’s author dashboard. I didn’t want to click Upload. The final flood of nerves and second-guessing had burst its dam.

But after a year of work on the book, it was time to let go.

Even so, as much as I look forward to releasing a book, it never gets easier to let go once and for all to publish. There’s always a voice in my head that whispers, “Maybe I can do one more proof and polish a few more things.”

The first shipment of 100 books is supposed to arrive tomorrow. There’s a mix of eager anticipation to see the final product and anxiety in hoping everything turned out right.


The new bookmarks came in the mail this week. The excitement of seeing the new bookmarks settled the book release butterflies for a short while. With only 12 days left until the book launch party, everything is coming together.

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