BOOK REVIEW: A Girl with a Cape, by Amy Logan

Amy Logan

Author Amy Logan signing a copy of “A Girl With a Cape and Her Jar of Pennies” at Prairie Creek Public Library.

On Saturday, I had the pleasure of joining my nieces for a reading and book signing by Amy Logan, author the the “A Girl With a Cape” books.

The visit was my first encounter with these tales, which tell the story of a girl who ties a scarf around her shoulders like a cape and sets off to make a difference. Even though she has no super powers, she makes people’s day better with kind words and deeds.

After all, the subhead of the first book (titled simply “A Girl With a Cape”) is “The true story about the superhero in all of us.”

The story aims to teach children that saving the day and making a difference doesn’t require super powers. With the booming popularity of all things Marvel and DC Universe lately, kids are inundated with the idea that heroes wear costumes and can fly, fight, outrun speeding bullets, etc. But the Girl With a Cape books debunk this for young readers, letting them know that they, too, can make someone’s life better through kindness.

The effect of the girl’s kind deeds creates a chain reaction in the first book. Whenever she extends a compliment, the recipient then passes another compliment to someone else, and that person compliments someone else, and so on.

The second book, “A Girl With a Cape and Her Jar of Pennies,” features the girl spreading good luck by dropping pennies all over town and letting other children excitedly find them.

Written in rhyme, it’s easy to fall into the rhythm of the stories. My favorite detail, however, is the activity element: After parents and children finish reading, they can talk about what kinds of simple steps they can take to make the world a better place.

Amy Logan also promotes the CAPE campaign: Create a Positive Environment. On her website, she includes a list of deeds to help young readers “Rock the CAPE.” ( The list is worth reviewing with kids and setting a goal to tackle one or two per day.

Amy Logan’s third book, A Girl With a Pink Cape, will be available in October.

  • A GIRL WITH A CAPE, by Amy Logan, illustrated by Tracy Wendt, 2013, Full Heart Press. 30 pages, K-4th grades. $22.95
  • A GIRL WITH A CAPE AND HER JAR OF PENNIES, by Amy Logan, illustrated by Rich Green, 2014, Full Heart Press. 24 pages, K-4th grades. $22.95
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  1. ccarpinello says:

    What a great idea for a story! Thanks for sharing on the KidLitBlogHop!


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