(Pt. 4) What I love about children’s books: Teaching love of books/reading

It’s Children’s Book Week!

In honor of the annual national literacy initiative hosted by Every Child a Reader and sponsored by the Children’s Book Council, I will be sharing a series of the seven elements I love about children’s books. One element will be featured each day through Sunday, continuing with …


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The cornerstone of a lifelong devotion to books is laid in childhood.

Each children’s book is a building block for a love of reading. The elements I mentioned earlier this week — imagination, creativity, family bonding — help establish a child’s appreciation for books.

Reading develops the mind, introduces children (and adults) to new ideas, teaches empathy, and exercises the imagination. Encouraging a love of reading at an early age improves all of those areas of development.

And how do we encourage a love of reading? By delving between the covers of children’s books with our kiddos.

Read the series to date:

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  1. trinitygrau says:

    😀 Totally love this series!


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