How do you define yourself?

“Who are you?”

It’s a question society asks every day.

Everywhere we turn, we are asked to define ourselves: Twitter bios. Facebook profiles. Blog and website About Me pages.

Our definitions categorize us. We say we are writers, designers, artists, engineers, doctors, librarians. We call ourselves knitters, painters, parents, sons and daughters, book lovers, sports fans.

We define ourselves in so many ways.

But we never say who we are. Only what we are.

For writers, authentic characters depend on who, not what. We can say our characters are dentists, or journalists, or newspaper delivery boys. But that doesn’t tell us who they.

Who is about motivation. It’s about quirks. It’s about desires. It’s about personality, emotions, actions and reactions.

So … who are you?

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5 Responses to How do you define yourself?

  1. trinitygrau says:

    You left this post on a great note and overall a great feeling. This left me thinking about so much! Thank you, Ms. Barichello!


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