Exciting developments

Bookmark FrontBookmarks Back

I haven’t been this excited since the seventh Harry Potter book was released.

I received the proofs for the first bookmarks to accompany SARAH & KATY AND THE IMAGINATION BLANKETS.

(Hopefully I won’t be as disappointed in the final result of the bookmarks as I was in the conclusion of J.K.’s series.)

Shown above are the front (left) and back of the bookmark.

Book design

Design also is underway this week. Above is a sneak peek at pages 20 and 21.

About two months are all that stand between us and the December book release. The to-do list is getting shorter, but there is plenty left to keep us busy on the production side.

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3 Responses to Exciting developments

  1. trinitygrau says:

    Is this your book? If so, this sounds really exciting for you. I can hardly wait to finish my book (and I’m really close to the end). I feel like hopping up and down an screaming. I bet that’s how you’re feeling to, huh? Congrats! I love seeing other authors succeed.


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