Cover reveal for ‘Sarah & Katy and the Imagination Blankets’

This moment has been a long time in coming.

From the moment an idea for a novel occurs to a writer, the visualization begins. Words aren’t even on paper before we start imagining the weight of the book in our hands and seeing the cover on store and library shelves.

That’s an exciting thought: seeing the cover of our books.

No moment in the book production process quite compares to seeing the cover for the first time. It’s akin to the moment the groom first sees the bride on their wedding day.

You want to laugh and cry and flail and shake the nearest person while shouting, “BEHOLD THIS THING OF BEAUTY BEFORE MY EYES!”

What I’m trying to say is, from the moment I started planning SARAH & KATY AND THE IMAGINATION BLANKETS, I imagined a book cover. I shared that vision with Hannah Jackson, of hannahbird illustration, and eagerly anticipated the moment when she would unveil the cover art to me.

Now, if you take a look at Hannah’s website, you’ll understand why I had high expectations. You’ll understand why I imagined a great cover.

She sent me art far better than I could have imagined. She exploded my expectations and launched them light years beyond what I thought possible. I am ecstatic at the cover art she created.

If people judge SKIB by its cover, there’s no doubt in my mind they’ll think it’s a great book. I hope my writing lives up to her art.

And now, without further ado …

(Since I can’t grab you by the shoulders and shake you, dear reader, I will settle with a caps lock-key shout …)


SKIB cover

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