Boom Blanket, by Ty

One day a boy named Alex received a blanket for Christmas. But Alex wanted the new Star Saver video game. He got so mad he almost threw it away! But his mom came downstairs just in time. Alex’s mom said, “How many times have I told you to KEEP your gifts? I hope you know your grandmother took six hours to make that blanket.”

“WOW,” said Alex. So Alex kept the blanket. And when that night he covered up with his blanket … it seemed he fell into a magic place called Magistirn. In Magistirn everything was magical! And most people had magic. Alex wanted to see if he had magic and he had Fire Powers!

And just then a dragon flew over the city. It took down all the buildings faster than you could say “Boom!” All that was left was rubble. So Alex hid in some of the rubble and he jumped out and threw like 50 fire balls at the dragon. Alex took the dragon down!

And then he woke up. It was 2:00 a.m. Alex played video games and then his mom came up to his room. She said, “Hey, I know you wanted the Star Saver video game so I’ll go get it for you after work.”

Alex said, “No thanks. I love my blanket.”

The End

  • Ty is a student in Christin Baxter’s third-grade class at McKinley Elementary in Ottawa, IL.