The Picture that Came to Life, by Sarah McGrath

One day I was in my room drawing a picture of a horse. (It sounds kind of funny but I love horses.) The horse I drew was brown with a beautiful black mane. I decided to name her Sparkle. The reason why I named her Sparkle was because her eyes were so sparkly. She was so beautiful. By the way, my name’s Sarah and this is the rest of my story. After I drew the picture of Sparkle I showed my mom. She said, “That is so pretty but now you have to get ready for bed.”

I didn’t say anything after that. I wanted to but I knew I shouldn’t. I didn’t feel like arguing. So I brushed my teeth and went to bed. Then it was morning and you wouldn’t believe what I saw! It was Sparkle the horse! She was right next to me. I was so nervous but happy. Nervous, because if my mom found out I’m in big trouble. Well, I decided to tell my mom. It sounds crazy, I thought to myself, but she will find out sooner or later. I walked down to the living room where she was watching TV and I told her that I drew on paper and … IT CAME TO LIFE! My mom kind of thought I was crazy, she said I watched too much TV, but I don’t think that’s true. So I was sent to my room to have “a little break.”

I decided if I’m in my room I must make the best of it and play with Sparkle. I went to find a board game. I asked Sparkle what she wanted to played. She neighed. I didn’t know what that meant so I grabbed the game Monopoly. I tried to teach her how to play the game. Let’s just say she at all the money. Then we tried drawing but it was a little hard with her hooves. Then we attempted to do five other activities and it took us all day, then it was night. Then my mom walked in and I thought my head was going to explode but all she said was, “Get to bed.” I did but then I looked on the paper I drew Sparkle on. She was on it and the words said, “Goodbye, I can’t wait to play with you again.”

The End

  • Sarah McGrath is a student in Molly’s Farrell’s fourth-grade class at McKinley Elementary in Ottawa, IL.