The Rabble-Rouser, by Lilliana Samolitis

“Mom mom!”


“There’s a spider in my room,” said Lydia.

“Okay then get a Kleenex.”


“Mom because I’m freaked out can I go draw something to get my mind off the spider?”

“Yes,” said mom, “Just don’t draw on my table.”

“Before I go draw my picture can you tell me what to draw?” asked Lydia.

“Yes, how about a portrait,” said mom.

“OK!” said Lydia. “I will have to draw my legs, hair, eyes, arms and clothes.” Lydia began to draw and before she knew it she had drawn a mini version of herself. Mini Lydia had shoulder length blond hair, brown eyes and was wearing a cute blue sundress. “Done,” Lydia said.

The paper started convulsing, then it was motionless, then it was convulsing again. POP!

“What’s going on? I am flabbergasted.”


“Why are you shouting?” asked Lydia.

“Oh I’m sorry I just came to life so don’t blame me,” said Lydia the Second.

“OK, let me get this straight,” said Lydia. “So you’re the portrait I drew and you came to life? WOW that’s so cool!” said Lydia. “So, Lydia the Second, do you want to come to school with me?” Lydia asked.

“Sure!” said Lydia the Second. “I would love to!”

The next morning Lydia took Lydia the Second to school with her. “This is my classroom,” explained Lydia. “I have a text today in science. I have science,” said Lydia.

Lydia had to go to the bathroom so she warned Lydia the Second to be quiet and to stay hidden. Lydia the Second thought, “I should get on Lydia’s nerves, it will be so funny.” So Lydia the Second took a pencil and marked all the wrong answers on Lydia’s science test. When Lydia got back from the bathroom she didn’t even notice Lydia the Second was laughing so hard she was crying.

The next day Lydia just had to tell someone what happened, it was killer her. Lydia decided to tell her friend Grace about how Lydia the Second came to life. Grace of course didn’t believe Lydia the Second existed. When Lydia told Lydia the Second that Grace didn’t believe she existed Lydia the Second said, “Oh that’s okay I know if someone told me a drawing came to life I probably wouldn’t believe them either,” she said laughing.

Later that day Lydia got her science test handed back. Lydia the Second was so excited but Lydia was not. On top of the test was a big F. Lydia thought it was horrible. Lydia asked Lydia the Second, “Did you mess up my test?”

“Maybe,” said Lydia the Second.

“Did you know that was my biggest grade of the year?” exclaimed Lydia. “If you keep doing this I’m going to have to put you back in the paper,” said Lydia.

“You can’t,” said Lydia the Second. “You don’t have the special words.”

“Then what are the special words?” asked Lydia.

“BHD POOF NLP,” said Lydia the Second.

“OK, if you mess with me one more time I will say the special words and send you back,” said Lydia.

“Fine,” said Lydia the Second.

Both Lydias then headed home after school. Lydia got a snack, worked on her homework and cleaned her room. Lydia asked Lydia the Second, “What would you like to do now?”

Lydia the Second said, “Let’s go ask your mom when dinner will be ready. I’m starving.”

Lydia went downstairs to ask and dinner just happened to be ready. Lydia went upstairs to get Lydia the Second who hid and ate under the table. When Lydia’s mom left the room Lydia looked under the table to check on Lydia the Second. Lydia found Lydia the Second had grown almost as big as she was.

“This is nuts!” said Lydia. “What happened?”

“I will tell you upstairs,” said Lydia the Second. When Lydia and Lydia the Second got back upstairs, Lydia the Second locked Lydia in her closet!

“Why are you doing this?” screamed Lydia.

Lydia the Second said, “I am going to take your place and get you into more trouble.”

“NO!” said Lydia. As Lydia the Second was headed downstairs Lydia yelled, “BHD POOF NLP.” Lydia the Second went down like she was melting.

“MOM MOM HELP!” screamed Lydia. Lydia’s mom came running into Lydia’s room, opened the closet door and said, “Thank goodness you’re OK I’m so happy to see you!”

Lydia never drew another Lydia the Second again!!!

The End

  • Lilliana Samolitis is a student in Molly Farrell’s fourth-grade class at McKinley School in Ottawa, IL.