The Adventure to Blanket Town, by Kaylee Monroe

It was Christmas morning. I opened up my first gift. It was a blanket. I loved it. But I didn’t know what to do with it so I went into my room. Then a magical thing ā€” my blanket was a magic carpet. I rode it to this weird town. Everything was made out of blankets. But the people were stuffed animals. It was called Blanket Town.

“Where am I?” I said.

There was the mayor. He said this was Blanket Town.

“Why are the people made out of stuffed animals?” I asked.

The mayor said this town is supposed to be like the stuff you need to go to bed with. When you get a blanket you sleep with it.

“Ohh,” I said. “That’s what you do with a blanket.”

“Yes,” he said.

Soon it was nighttime. “I got to go,” I said.

“Bye,” the mayor said.

So when I got home I used my blanket and went to sleep.

The End

  • Kaylee Monroe is a student in Christin Baxter’s third-grade class at McKinley Elementary in Ottawa, IL.