An update from La Casa Barichello

For the past six months (give or take a few weeks), I’ve been mostly silent on the blog and social media.

I haven’t been ignoring them, per se. There’s been a voice nagging in the back of my mind at least once a week: “You need to refresh your content. You need to connect with people.”

Then my inner hermit replies, “Welllll, I’ll just finish reading this book … or whole stack of books … before I log online.”

My pepper plants are a metaphor for my online presence … shriveled by neglect.

The good news is, my inner hermit helped me reach my Goodreads goal last year. The bad news is, I let my sites go a little dry. Sort of like every plant I’ve ever tried to nurture in my house. The bell peppers in my container garden can attest to that.

That doesn’t mean it hasn’t been a productive six months. Even though I haven’t done much writing online, there’s been a lot of progress offline.

Two complete drafts of The Mountain of Dempsey Molehill have gone through edits. A third read-through is underway, then the manuscript will be handed off to beta readers. A projected release of August 2019 is in the works. I’ve been exploring printing options, and I’m excited at the prospect of releasing Dempsey as my first hardcover novel.

Also, the ever-incredible Hannah Jones is collaborating with me again and provided stellar artwork for the cover. A cover reveal is on the horizon.

And, as always, my faithful writing companion keeps me company when my hermit mode activates. Webster does a good job at silently judging me and reminding me I should be writing. So you can thank him when the next book comes out.

Webster says, “It’s time to be writing.”
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2 Responses to An update from La Casa Barichello

  1. schmelzb says:

    Good for you, Julie. Reading and writing is what we do. Blogs are fun, but not necessary. I have been promoting my mystery writing friends and two have been nominated for Agatha Awards!
    I found a critique partner and my own novel is progressing. Keep on doing what you can and blog when you want to. Beth Schmelzer

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